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Today, when the world population continues to increase rapidly, the food sector is a huge transformation and is in change. The transformation of food production into a more strategic area; more raw material means more energy use and the need for more innovative applications. is coming. Changing global trade, differentiation of human needs, consumption habits and the transformations occurring in the world with consumer demands, which will affect the whole world in 2020. Covid-19 pandemic can be given as an example, due to information and technology, innovation and The use of modern production techniques emerges as the strongest values ??in the sector. The world is moving towards a new order. Therefore, the steps we will take for the future are more important. wins.

We, as Baktat Zeytin, will try to keep up with this new world order and even We aim to be a pioneer in innovation in the sector we are in, and we work non-stop for this. We We have seen from our experience that exports are very critical for the sustainability of our industry and foreign trade balances. is important. What makes this upward trend important and meaningful is the diversity of products we export. and that we have reached new markets. In our industry, we are now only our own Beyond our needs, focusing on domestic production, expanding and spreading to foreign markets we reach maturity. In our modern factory where we have established the olives we produce, the latest technology and We process, pack and sell with fully automatic machines without human touch. full automation in Turkey We are proud of being one of the leading companies producing olives.

Our goal that we set ourselves with this awareness; The approach we adopt with all our employees is: "Produce if you will eat yourself". Will be able to eat the product we produce in our own homes with peace of mind. We must produce in such a way that every customer that our products reach is satisfied. Our goal; to set up To reach all countries of the world with the system we work with and to be the leader of the sector.


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